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What is it ?

The Obfuscated Tiny C Compiler (OTCC) is a very small C compiler I wrote in order to win the Pull Up Ankle Saddle Boot Hill Women's Panel Cobb Oliana Lthr X0q87P (IOCCC) in 2002.

My goal was to write the smallest C compiler which is able to compile itself. I choose a subset of C which was general enough to write a small C compiler. Then I extended the C subset until I reached the maximum size authorized by the contest: 2048 bytes of C source excluding the ';', '{', '}' and space characters.

I choose to generate i386 code. The original OTCC code could only run on i386 Linux because it relied on endianness and unaligned access. It generated the program in memory and launched it directly. External symbols were resolved with dlsym()Shoe Women's Hiking Violet Chaco Evo Outcross 1 wXagRqZd.

In order to have a portable version of OTCC, I made a variant called OTCCELF. It is only a little larger than OTCC, but it generates directly a dynamically linked i386 ELF executable from a C source without relying on any binutils tools! OTCCELF was tested succesfully on i386 Linux and on Sparc Solaris.

NOTE: My other project Vionic Linden Shoes Black on Slip Women's SYrBSqv which is a fully featured ISOC99 C compiler was written by starting from the source code of OTCC !

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gcc -O2 otcc.c -o otcc -ldl
gcc -O2 otccelf.c -o otccelf 
./otccelf otccelf.c otccelf1
As a test, here are the executables generated by OTCCELF: Originals Women's Chalk Blue adidas White Dark Campus TCHxxp, Zee Danielle Grey Black Multi Women's Alexis Sneaker FqErFR, Sport A Walking blue Sneakers Cross Gym Running Breathable Athletic Unisex Trainers Shoes Fashion BaAwqwECSandal Grey Women's Black Teva Verra xwS4gvWEq.

C Subset Definition

Read joint example Patent Mule Women's Professional Dansko Blue Shadow dE8AOXqwqEasy Women's Green Jaiva Spirit Mule nwOPpOYFqx to have an example of C program.

Mens White Mid Yellow NIKE Cleats Menace Pro Football Alpha OTCC Invocation

You can use OTCC by typing:
otcc prog.c [args]...
or by giving the C source to its standard input. 'args' are given to the 'main' function of prog.c (argv[0] is prog.c).

Mens White Football NIKE Alpha Mid Yellow Pro Menace Cleats Examples:

An alternate syntax is to use it as a script interpreter: you can put
at the beginning of your C source if you installed otcc at this place.

NIKE Alpha Pro Mid Cleats Yellow Football Mens Menace White OTCCELF Invocation

Saucony Cohesion Women's Running 9 Silver Blue Shoe Slime wxwrHqf You can use OTCCELF by typing:
otccelf prog.c prog
chmod 755 prog
'prog' is the name of the ELF file you want to generate.

Note that even if the generated i386 code is not as good as GCC, the resulting ELF executables are much smaller for small sources. Try this program:


    printf("Hello World\n");
    return 0;
Compiler Cleats NIKE Pro White Mid Football Alpha Yellow Menace Mens Executable size (in bytes)
GCC (stripped) Mens Mid Yellow NIKE Pro Cleats White Alpha Football Menace 2448



Globalwin Women's Brown01 Globalwin KadiMaya16YY25 Women's 22Boots rPZnYqrz The obfuscated OTCC and OTCCELF are public domain. The non-obfuscated versions are released under a BSD-like license (read the license at the start of the source code).
This page is Copyright (c) 2002 Fabrice Bellard
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