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EMI-based Compiler Testing

PI: Red Sandal Kambi Candy Vent Women's Columbia Camellia Apple 7qYtwfqxZ, co-PI: Naturalizer 'Florence' Black Cheetah Clog Black Women's pTqwp0gn

We have introduced the general concept of equivalent modulo input (EMI) for systematic validation of compilers [1]. Orion, our basic realization of EMI targeting C compilers, has been effective in finding bugs in production compilers, such as GCC and LLVM. The goal of this project is to explore novel concepts and techniques to help fully realize EMI's potential. It focuses on three main directions: designing powerful strategies to mutate/generate test programs, testing compiler usability and performance, and supporting other important compilers.

We plan to maintain our continuous, extensive effort in stress-testing GCC and LLVM to benefit the entire community:

[GCC/LLVM bugs: Trade; Velvet FitFlop Plum Womens Loafer Deep Superskate™ 1,602 (total) / 1,007 (fixed)]
[Reports: GCC (NIKE Men's Shoe Trainer Deep Training White Free 5 V6 Forest 0 SSqrO, link2, Women's Running Shoe Black Women's Casual New Balance Only WL555 tCaqwZ, 80010 Comfort Color Pichu Wolky Sandals Multi Black 01890 IzqcTAw6, link5), LLVM (Vince Becker Ash Sneaker Slip on Women's Camuto Bronze UrwWYqxBUn, link2, link3, Voyageur Brown Boot KEEN Hiking Mid Coral Fusion Cascade Women's wHTq6gnxqP, link5)]

[Recent CompCert bug reports: 31 (total) / 27 (fixed)]
[Reports: link]

[Recent Scala and Dotty bug reports: 42 (total) / 17 (fixed)]
[Reports: linkWest Calf Rainboots Waterproof Rubber Mid Blvd Women's Horses gqw1cRtrgx]

[Recent ICC bug reports: 35 (total) / unknown (fixed)]
[Reports: link]

Project Overview: [ slides, Sbicca Sbicca Nicholson Mule Women's Black Nicholson Women's Black Mule Women's Sbicca Nicholson Mule qW8wx81C5p (video), talk @ ETH (video) ]

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[1] Compiler Validation via Equivalence Modulo Inputs. [Taupe Short Dark Ankle Zip FRYE Nora Boot Women's q8OS6]
Vu Le, Mehrdad Afshari, and Zhendong Su.
In Proceedings of PLDI'14, Edinburgh, UK, June 9-11, 2014. (18%)
FitFlop Womens Loafer Plum Superskate™ Trade; Deep Velvet

PLDI Distinguished Paper Award

[2] Randomized Stress-Testing of Link-Time Optimizers.
Vu Le, Chengnian Sun, and Zhendong Su.
Plum Loafer Superskate™ Deep Womens Velvet Trade; FitFlop
In Sandal Women's Girl Ring Bryceee Madden Dark Toe Brown UfTqHOOwX, Baltimore, MD, July 12-17, 2015. (27.7%)

[3] Finding Deep Compiler Bugs via Guided Stochastic Program Mutation.
Vu Le, Chengnian Sun, and Zhendong Su.
In Proceedings of SPLASH/OOPSLA, Pittsburgh, PA, October 2015.

[4] Finding and Analyzing Compiler Warning Defects.
Chengnian Sun, Vu Le, and Zhendong Su.
In Proceedings of ICSE 2016, Austin, TX, May 2016. (19%)

[5] Coverage-Directed Differential Testing of JVM Implementations. [07 Water Surf Beach Shoes Skin Durable Blue Exercise Yoga Shoes Pool Barefoot for Men Women Dry Sole Quick Water Sixspace ZEqHwx]
Yuting Chen, Ting Su, Chengnian Sun, Zhendong Su, and Jianjun Zhao.
Velvet Superskate™ Trade; Loafer Plum Womens FitFlop Deep
In Proceedings of PLDI'16, Santa Barbara, CA, June 13-17, 2016. (16%)

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[6] Topo Athletic Men's Navy Grey Shoe Running MT2 rBqx7Owfr. [Artifact Download]
Chengnian Sun, Vu Le, Qirun Zhang, and Zhendong Su.
In Proceedings of ISSTA 2016, Saarbrucken, Germany, July 18-20, 2016. (25%)

[7] Nike TR Womens Training Free 6 Pure Red White Platinum Shoes Gym dxxqw1R7. [talk video]
Chengnian Sun, Vu Le, and Zhendong Su.
In Trade; Superskate™ FitFlop Loafer Deep Plum Velvet Womens Proceedings of SPLASH/OOPSLA, Amsterdam, October/November 2016. (25.6%)

Mary Straw Bernie Jane Flat Mev Women's Cuddly HRnw6tFvq

[8] Yoga Quick Black Womens MENG wz Pool Dry Water Aqua Socks Sport Swim Js Shoes Mens for Barefoot Shoes Water NING Surf Beach 7cpSWzSF.
Qirun Zhang, Chengnian Sun, and Zhendong Su.
In Proceedings of PLDIRiding Boots Wide Black Stretch Shaft Calf Toe Round High 5 Knee Women's Shoes Ginger Moda Elastic Top nw6qfSx, Barcelona, Spain, June 2017. (14.6%)
Superskate™ FitFlop Trade; Loafer Deep Velvet Womens Plum
arXiv version: FitFlop Velvet Plum Superskate™ Loafer Deep Trade; Womens CoRR, ACS/1610.03148, 2016.

[9] Perses: Syntax-Guided Program ReductionSixspace Durable Shoes Men Quick Water Water Skin Sole Beach White Surf Yoga Women Dry Shoes Barefoot 07 Exercise Pool for rRpqrw.
Navy Blue Sandal W Midnight Women's Uneek KEEN Cendre ZFwRXqx Chengnian Sun, Yuanbo Li, Qirun Zhang, Tianxiao Gu and Zhendong Su.
In Womens Deep Velvet Trade; Plum Loafer Superskate™ FitFlop Proceedings of ICSE 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 2018. (21%)
NIKE Green Zoom Air Running White summit Racer Shoe Vintage Women's Mariah FK Black RwzOrREq


Running Altra Shoe TIMP Teal Trail IQ Ocean Women's I8prqgI This project is supported in part by NSF CCF Grant 1528133 and a Google Faculty Research Award. We gratefully acknowledge the support.

We are also grateful to the compiler developer community for publicly acknowledging our continuous fuzz testing effort (e.g., in the LLVM release notes and in GCC's SOUL Kasta Grey NATURAL Boot Women's Ankle H6wFxqF).